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Status Quo Politicians Won't Fight for You. Brianna Wu Will.

In the tech industry, the name Brianna Wu is synonymous with "fighter." Most politicians tell you what they stand for, Brianna Wu has spent a career showing you what she stands for. Now, she's forging a bold path forward for the Democratic Party: Single-payer health care, real answers for income inequality, and aggressive solutions for climate change. 

The path forward in the Democratic party has never been clearer. People want leaders that will take on the NRA, stand up to the fringe extreme of the Right-Wing, and will unapologetically work for equality for all. It's time for a bolder Democratic party, it's time for Brianna Wu.

She fought the Alt-Right and Won - now she's Fighting for you.

Brianna Wu rose to national prominence in 2014 as one of the primary targets of the Alt-Right, a mutant version of the conservative movement led by Breitbart's Steve Bannon. She never backed down, despite threats to her life and career. For Brianna Wu, doing the right thing is the only option.

Real Answers to our Toughest Problems

Almost all politicians in congress come from two fields: Law or business. But Brianna Wu is a software engineer and cybersecurity expert. She has the experience we need to address the toughest problems of the 21st century. Information warfare, Russian penetration of electronic infrastructure and the unconstitutional assault on our privacy. The status quo Congress can't solve this, but Brianna Wu can.

It's time for a bolder Democratic party. It's time to elect Brianna Wu.