Learn about the core policies of Brianna's campaign

Economic inequality is probably the most pressing issue our nation faces. Members of both parties are not doing enough to address the problem, often falling back to the same failed ideas that brought us here.

For the past 30 years, the one percent hijacked our political system to invest in themselves. Brianna Wu knows it’s time they invested in the rest of us. Under her leadership, America will invest in a broad array of economic programs for the 99 percent, not the 1 percent. Everything from public transportation, affordable housing, and free higher education must be on the table. These ideas aren’t new - they’re the same policies that led to the unprecedented wealth of the Baby Boomers.

Although we tell ourselves that America is a country of economic mobility, it’s no longer as true as it once was. That can change, but not with this Congress. It's time to elect Brianna Wu.

Climate change is real. It's an undeniable scientific reality. Our time to address this crisis is running out. If we do not act now our children’s future will be full of food shortages, global instability, and the loss of entire cities.

Brianna Wu is an unapologetic candidate for the environment. She wants to move us off of fossil fuels and towards renewable energy as fast as possible. She supports The Off Fossil Fuels Act (HR 3671). She is committed to phasing out outdated power plants with modern renewable ones within the next decade. Brianna Wu wants to spend billions on preparing Boston and other coastal cities against superstorms with protective infrastructure - which will create hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Additionally, Brianna Wu strongly supports efforts to contest fossil fuel companies in civil court, who hid the science on global warming for policymakers. Brianna Wu understands what’s at stake, nothing less than the future of the planet. Under her leadership, bold progressive legislation on climate change will pass.

Technology is not a niche issue in 2018. This vital area of policy affects the economy, our communities and even our infrastructure. Despite this, Congress is woefully undereducated and underprepared. Brianna Wu is a software engineer and a cybersecurity expert. She knows exactly how to secure our power plants, our hospitals and keep our elections free of interference from hostile nation-states like Russia. 

Yes, Cybersecurity is a threat, but it’s also an opportunity. By embracing F/OSS development practices, hundreds of thousands of upper and middle-class jobs can be created. With Brianna Wu in Congress, America will lead the world in information security.

Additionally, Brianna Wu understands that encryption is a right. All too often, this Congress seeks to criminalize encryption - which makes all of us vulnerable. With Brianna Wu in Congress, your privacy and your security will be guaranteed under the law and that's why cyber security is important.

Brianna Wu is unrelenting in her commitment to Social Security. Those receiving "benefits" are receiving just that, not “entitlements,” as some like to frame it. Social Security is money citizens have invested from their paychecks year after year. 

As your Congresswoman, Brianna Wu will never waiver on this systemic issue. We can forgive student loan debt. We can cut a tiny bit back on defense spending. And we'll pass single-payer healthcare legislation. This will save our economic foundation. It will stop inflation and that inflation threatens the very system of our Social Security.

Polls of Democratic voters could not be clearer - single-payer health care is undoubtedly the future of our party. It won’t just allow every American access to high-quality health care, it is the best solution that addresses our out-of-control costs. 

Here in the United States, we spend the most per capita on health care. That's more than $9,000 per person per year! Yet, in countries like Great Britain, they spend less than half as much and get better outcomes. This is because powerful corporate lobbyists have stopped us from negotiating bulk prices on drugs, tests, and medical devices.

As your congresswoman, Brianna Wu’s commitment to single-payer healthcare will be without qualification. Health care is not an option, it's a right.


Brianna Wu unequivocally supports the federal rescheduling of marijuana. Marijuana is a relatively harmless substance and every year we imprison people over a relatively menial drug. Studies have shown immense medical value to the drug and a nearly non-existent level of toxicity.

Marijuana has the ability to help Americans, including veterans, recover from pain and trauma. It helps cancer patients and epileptics. It also expands jobs and creates small business owners. Brianna Wu will support federal legalization of this relatively harmless substance. In addition, she supports federal guidance to legalize the drug so Americans nationwide can enjoy the benefits of medical and recreational marijuana.


Very few issues are as critical to America as renewable energy. Countries like China are racing towards abandoning fossil fuels, and if we don't catch up - America will not have control of key technologies and patents. Because of her background in engineering, she understand the technological standards need to be created so America can reap the economic benefits of renewable energy. 

As a computer software engineer and cyber security expert, she can write policy that will help make renewable energy as common as fossil fuel use is today. In addition, future power grids are going to need extensive cybersecurity standards to ensure they are never hacked. Brianna is one of very few candidates running for federal election with the professional background to achieve 100 percent renewable energy.


It is critical that we protect our environment and not give way to powerful corporations that want to privatize our public commons. In addition to ending the practice of fracking, Brianna Wu stands adamantly opposed to companies like Nestle that want to seize control of water. 

Brianna Wu also supports rolling back the Trump Administration decommissioning of our wildlife and public parks and recreation. It was an unconstitutional act that pillaged land owned by every American and gave it to the wealthy. 


There is arguably no greater threat to our democracy than information warfare, directed misinformation campaigns that exacerbate our existing political divisions. These issues are not theoretical to Brianna Wu. She endured an information warfare campaign against her by Steve Bannon and the alt-right.

With hostile nation-states like Russia using bots and social media to manufacture controversy and scandal, it is crucial that we elect leaders that can push back and preserve our democracy. Brianna Wu will not just talk about information warfare, she knows exactly how to fight it. 

Universal Basic Income is a pragmatic way forward as we deal with the automation of jobs and expansion of AI. Brianna Wu believes that the robot that takes your job should pay your taxes. This policy will slow down the loss of jobs so we can enact policies like UBI. 

Universal Basic income will be a floor that no one can fall beneath. Studies have shown it reaps strong value for communities, expanding the economy, creating a middle class and guaranteeing no one goes without housing. 

Civil Rights are a core value of the Democratic Party. Despite progress, you can still be fired for being LGBT in roughly 3/5th of all states in America. Brianna Wu’s commitment to LGBT is unapologetic and uncompromising. America is strongest when we are all are equal in the eyes of the law.

Additionally, Brianna Wu believes federal law should be expanded to protect LGBT children at school. Schools should focus on educating children, not waging a cruel social war on them. Under Brianna Wu's leadership, every LGBT person in America will have a strong ally. 


All too often, centrist Democrats treat women’s rights as a bargaining chip. As one of our nation’s most steadfast voices on women’s rights, Brianna Wu will never waver or compromise on the fight for women’s equality. Lip service isn't enough, we must fight the policies that allow unconscious bias and discrimination against half the world's population. 

Brianna Wu believes that reproductive health care is a decision between a woman and her doctor, end of discussion. Additionally, we must end forced arbitration for people of all genders when cases of employment discrimination are brought to civil court. 

Women’s voices have never been stronger or more united, yet the distance between our ideals and our reality is far apart. We need leaders that won’t just talk about women’s rights but will fight for them.

Brianna Wu is a strong believer in immigration reform, though she also recognizes that corporations have abused the situation to dilute wages and take advantage of the vulnerable. Under her leadership, America will build a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. 

The H-1B system has been abused by large tech companies like Facebook to underpay American workers. Brianna Wu believes that there is no job an American will not do for a fair wage. Her focus is to raise wages for all of us - rather than continue a predatory system that takes advantage of vulnerable undocumented workers.

Additionally, Brianna Wu believes that we must stop the predation on undocumented communities by allowing them to interact with police without fear of being deported.

It’s time we faced the truth. Depending on the color of your skin, you will have very different odds of success in life. Here in Massachusetts, all too often, schools with higher percentages of people of color receive lower funding.

Politicians spouting lip service on racial justice is not enough. It is a moral imperative we must address with no delay. Our children are growing up with irreversible damage to their self and personal perspectives. 
Brianna believes in progressive principles like restorative justice and ending the prison-industrial complex. Brianna Wu is committed to higher standards of police training and requiring body cameras.

Net neutrality is a foundation of a free society, where access to all information is treated equally. Horrifically, this has been dismantled in the Trump era under former Verizon lawyer Ajat Pai. It is imperative that we restore net neutrality and and strengthen it in a way that it cannot be dismantled.

Brianna Wu doesn't just plan to fight for net neutrality, but to go beyond that with right to encryption and to prevent government mandating backdoors into your electronic devices. 

Call it gun control, call it gun safety, call it whatever you like. The science is clear, the reason we have so many shootings in America is unfettered access to guns. We cannot address this without passing common sense gun laws. As your congresswoman, I will pass universal background checks, ban automatic weapons, and mandate liability insurance for guns the same way we do with cars. I will not stand idly by as our children are slaughtered, and our workplaces are terrorized.