Technology is not a niche issue in 2018. This vital area of policy affects the economy, our communities and even our infrastructure. Despite this, Congress is woefully undereducated and underprepared. Brianna Wu is a software engineer and a cybersecurity expert. She knows exactly how to secure our power plants, our hospitals and keep our elections free of interference from hostile nation-states like Russia. 

Yes, Cybersecurity is a threat, but it’s also an opportunity. By embracing F/OSS development practices, hundreds of thousands of upper and middle-class jobs can be created. With Brianna Wu in Congress, America will lead the world in information security.

Additionally, Brianna Wu understands that encryption is a right. All too often, this Congress seeks to criminalize encryption - which makes all of us vulnerable. With Brianna Wu in Congress, your privacy and your security will be guaranteed under the law and that's why cyber security is important.