Climate Change

Climate change is real. It's an undeniable scientific reality. Our time to address this crisis is running out. If we do not act now our children’s future will be full of food shortages, global instability, and the loss of entire cities.

Brianna Wu is an unapologetic candidate for the environment. She wants to move us off of fossil fuels and towards renewable energy as fast as possible. She supports The Off Fossil Fuels Act (HR 3671). She is committed to phasing out outdated power plants with modern renewable ones within the next decade. Brianna Wu wants to spend billions on preparing Boston and other coastal cities against superstorms with protective infrastructure - which will create hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Additionally, Brianna Wu strongly supports efforts to contest fossil fuel companies in civil court, who hid the science on global warming for policymakers. Brianna Wu understands what’s at stake, nothing less than the future of the planet. Under her leadership, bold progressive legislation on climate change will pass.